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How to Configure QQ Thunder Super Flight Controller

This post is for the review of QQ Thunder Super Flight Controller (FC). And glad to inform you that it is a positive review for this from my side. I tried it with my X4 Quadcopter with S500 frame and it works well. During placing the order for Thunder QQ Super Flight controller I rethink on my decision for twice and thrice but I finally I did. Before going to setup let have a look at Thunder QQ Super Flight Controller.

About Thunder QQ Super Flight Controller:

QQ Thunder Super Flight Controller is a simple entry level multi-copter flight control unit built-in precise digital gyroscope and acceleration sensor with self-stabilizing function and super stable flight performance. It supports quadcopter and hexacopter configuration and requires at least 4 channel Rx system. Thunder QQ Super support 4 different model and 2 is for quadcopter and 2 is for hexacopter configuration. Besides all standard PCM and 2.4G digital receiver, It also compatible with S.BUS DSM2 and DSMX satellite. And it’s also easy in connection and installation with ultra-bright LED light. Receiver type and multi-rotor type are very easily selected via the small DIP switches and calibration is also extremely easy with the set button. Once calibrated sensitivity is also a very simple affair with just one small adjuster on the front of the unit making this flight controller one of the easiest to set up ever. This all thing I get know once I go through  Thunder QQ Super Flight Controller manual PDF.

QQ Thunder Vs. KK Pro

How to install Raspbian to SD card

How to Install Raspbian to SD card ? here some easy step for installation of OS. BUT before installation some information is required on Raspberry pi.
Raspberry pi is a credit card size computer. And we know that every computer want an Operating System to run that particular  hardware. Here I am showing that how to install Raspbian OS to micro SD card.


I want to give some information about Raspbian and Raspberry pi.In Raspberry pi we install OS on memory card (micro SD) and i recommended to use Class 10 micro SD 16 GB card which read and wright speed is higher then normal micro SD card (class 4). In Raspberry pi OS is boot only from SD card rather than other USB devices. Now you are excited to know that How to Install Raspbian to SD card ? and answer is given below.

Now steps for OS installation on micro SD (class 10 micro SD):
For steps for  OS installation on micro SD just visit below link (TechEnterWorld) and get all steps for installation
Note: TechEnterWorld is my own site )

Lenovo VIBE X2 with latest Technology and Android Kitkat just in Rs. 20,000

Lenovo was launched their and World's First Layered  smartphone and give there name as Lenovo VIBE series. Couple of days before (on 8th November 2014) Lenovo launched new smartphone's in VIBE series. Here we discuss on LENOVO VIBE X2. In VIBE X2 they include too many technology with latest configuration. Here is specification of X2.

Here some overview of Tech. Spech. of VIBE X2.
In this smartphone there is 4G LTE True8core (OCTA CORE) processor with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of INTERNAL memory plus there is 13 MP of REAR camera and 5 MP of FRONT camera with auto focus and LED flash and there is 2 port for SIM card and available in 4 different colours.




How to install wordpress into C panel ?

For a starter it's a big issue that from where they install WordPress or any other application for running a website without coding and How to install wordpress into C panel ?  

WordPress is most preferable application by starters.So here is the solution for How to install 
wordpress into C panel.  There is no coding knowledge required.This is the application is which you can just type like a letter and customize as you like most.For installing WordPress as your website runner application just follow my newly published site TechEnterWorld .
You can set a WordPress application as your website running application. To know more and interesting about this just click to my site name which can given below and you will get more information about this step wise with photos. Click to we site name for more steps.


OPPO has launched his world first Dual sim operated phablet which camera and flesh LED'S are rotated upto 206 degree. N1 is the latest device from Oppo in N Series. 

OPPO also include best display, Sensor, Special feature, Hardware and many other latest features and technology and was launched with 39990 INR. (Maximum Retail Price)

OPPO N1 is available in white color only. In india it's MRP wroth Rs. 39990. But it is also available between Rs. 32000 to Rs. 38000. OPPO N1 is available in limited online stores. OPPO N1 is available in minimum price of  Rs. 32,990 in . Also available in snapdeal and (india).

To see it's Specifications and technology which can include on it please visit my newly published website.
Click on website name (given below) for more detailed information about OPPO N1.